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Youth Activities

Youth Activities - Jerry Sanborn
Youth Activities is a program that is sometimes misunderstood and often times not reported. A Youth Activities Report is simply the involvement of the interaction of Veterans with children in organized activities. There are many ways in which Veterans interact with children in organized activities. For instance, if you (Veteran) go to a child's Hockey game or Ball game to watch your team play, that is considered a Youth Activity because you are a positive role model for the upbringing of those children. Or if your Post hosts an event which has a positive effect on children, such as a Halloween Party, or Christmas Party or Pizza Party, or you go to a school to tell a Veterans story to show how to properly fold a flag, those are considered Youth Activities because you are making a difference in a child's life.

There are a lot of different scenarios that should be reported as Youth Activities that you are probably all ready doing and don't know to report it. If you think you may be doing something that can be reported as a Youth Activity, please ask me and I'll let you know. And if you are involved in Youth Activities, let me know so it can be recorded so your Post can get credit for reporting Youth Activities. I don't need this on a monthly basis, quarterly would be fine. Make sure they are reported on your monthly Community Service report to the Department. I will need to know the following so you can receive the proper credit.
  1. Your Name
  2. Your VFW (or Auxiliary) card number
  3. Your VFW Post number (and city)
    1. The Youth Activity you are reporting
    2. Date of the Youth Activity
    3. Include additional Youth Activities

Thank you,
Jerry Sanborn
Youth Activities Chairman
VFW 8th District
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